What Was The Result Of The First Crusade Fought By Christian Crusaders?

After the dangerous, hard and long journey, the first crusaders reached Jerusalem in 1099. The result of the first crusade or religious war was the formation of four different Latin Kingdoms and states. In the Middle East, as a result of the first crusade, the establishment of Principality Antioch, County Edessa, County Tripoli and Kingdom of Jerusalem took place. In fact, the first Christian Crusaders picked the symbol of Cross. Crusaders also produced works of art and architecture which are, beautifully described in “The Art of Crusaders in the Holy Land.”

Charismatic penance followed the first crusades

Pope Urban 11 gave a different turn to crusade war. He gave it a charismatic punishment of pilgrim to Jerusalem. In fact, it was Fulcher who stated that anyone who dies during the battle, whether by sea or land while fighting the pagans, will see a remission of sins. If anyone joins the crusade not for money or fame, but for liberating the Church of Christ will substitute this journey for the penance.

How is first Crusade different from other wars?

Crusades, whether first or second, is distinct from usual wars. Here one is not fighting for any personal interest or fatherland but the Almighty God and the Holy Cross. It is fought for the cause of Jerusalem. Thus, Crusade has holy significance and a universal purpose.

The first Crusade witnessed spectacular success much unlike the second one. You can say that Christian Crusaders were the heroes of the crusades fought and they took part in the religious war.

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Who Are The Christian Crusaders?

Crusades refer to the series of wars of religious nature fought by the Christians in the 10th century all through the 12th century to reclaim or get back the land of Middle East conquered by Arabs or Muslims. They were in fact evil, brutal and sabotaging. During the time of such wars, many people were forced to convert to Christianity. The ones who refused this conversion, they were hanged to death, and this was blatantly unbiblical. These wars have raised a lot of arguments against Christian faiths. Some terrorists claim that their attacks on Christians are a way to take revenge against the Christians for what they did during Crusade wars. The crusades took place from 1095 to 1230, and during this time the name of Christ was even abused as most of the Christian Crusaders were not Christians. Thus, crusaders were those who were chosen to fight a war against the Muslims to release the holy land of middle age.

Who sanctioned the crusaders?

The vicious fighters, crusaders, fought for Jerusalem. They were the military force sanctioned by the Catholic Church to oust Muslims from the holy land and Europe. Later on, they also tried to get rid of Europeans and the Roman Catholic Church. Being the members of religiously oriented excursions, they belonged to other religious faction. They were Jihad Muslims, but Muslims do not address Crusaders as Jihad.

Crusades, the series of wars, was fought between the Muslims and the Christians. Crusaders were the ones fighting the religious war.

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